Yes, dogs can feel jealous, study says

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You can probably tell when your dog is happy or sad, and now a study shows your dog likely feels jealous at times, too.

According to Animals, University of California, San Diego researchers observed 36 dogs while their owners interacted with a lifelike stuffed dog, a Halloween candy pail and a book.

The owners interacted with all three in an affectionate way.

The dogs were more likely to show jealous behavior like snapping and pushing the object away when the owners interacted with the stuffed dog.

That means the dogs were able to appropriately direct their jealousy, the researchers concluded.

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  • Deborah

    Dogs can not only have the jealous in them but there are also other feelings that we as humans may not understand. Take them for granted. they are NOT stupid We are in the way we treat them. And I am not saying that all dog owners are stupid, just the ones who do the stuff they do to them make’s me pissed off.

  • joncraft84

    Reblogged this on KIMBALL and commented:
    Believe it or not I see this in animals, I have seen this in real life many of times. Dog’s can get aggressive to the point where you have to get rid of a dog because they are jealous. I don’t know why this is, but I wish I knew why so I could figure out how to fix it. But it’s with a lot of animals they are like small children they can’t taell you what they need because they don’t have a voice or a loud woof. growl, or hiss, or even a meow. I love my animals so much they are just like a part of my family just like a lot of family pets you have that are like family members to you.

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