Michelle Knight shares the most important lesson learned

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CHICAGO — We learn a little more about Seymour survivor Michelle Knight each time she does an interview.

Knight was one of three women who were abducted by Ariel Castro then held captive in his Cleveland home for a decade.

They regained their freedom on May 6, 2013.

While promoting her book, ‘Finding Me’, Knight spoke with FOX 8’s sister station WGN in Chicago.

She was asked how she felt when she heard of Castro’s death.  He was found hanged in prison after his conviction and sentencing.

“I was saddened. Like how can he do that to his children?” Knight said.  “Even though, you know, he did something wrong he should have suffered the consequences instead of being a coward.”

Knight also shared what she wants people to take away from her experience.

“Don’t trust a family friend, anyone that says that they’re your friend or you know, friend of a father,” she cautioned, “because you might end up in the same situation I was in.”

Knight said she and fellow survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus are each healing in their own way.

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