Officer’s incredible first day on the job involves rescue

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GREENWICH, Ohio -- A Greenwich police officer's first day on the job turned into a morning of heroic actions and good timing.

Officer Nicholas Tenore always wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps and work in law enforcement.

So after eight years serving with the Marine Corps, with multiple combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, he studied criminal justice and completed the academy.

July 12 was his first day alone on patrol in Huron County.

A friend and fellow officer, Adam Brock, teased him, “I said, 'I hope you get something big on your first day, cause I did.'"

Officer Tenore replied, “He had a crash on his first day and he jinxed me saying that.”

Around 11 a.m., Officer Tenore was traveling on S.R. 224 West in Greenwich when a driver flagged him down, saying they saw had just passed a vehicle on fire.

Moments later, Officer Tenore pulled the driver over and told him to get out.

He says the man didn’t even know he was in danger. “He looked at me and was like…oh really?!”

Officer Tenore says his adrenaline was up and he ordered the man to get out quickly.

Seconds after the two men cleared the vehicle, it burst into flames.

The entire front end of the Mini Cooper was charred, the windshield shattered, and interior melted.

Officer Tenore says the driver appeared to be in shock and everyone was keenly aware that they all could’ve been hurt or even died if the gas tank had blown up.

But, fortunately this first day had a happy ending and no one was hurt.

And the former Marine now has another war story, one which his “Brothers in Blue” say they won’t let him forget.

“He did good. He reacted. You don’t have time to think until after, but he did a great job at it,” said Officer Brock.

However, Officer Tenore is taking it in stride. He says, “I was just glad he was okay and no one else got injured.”