Mom claims toddler’s accident inside store led to humiliation

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MISSOURI — A mom claims an employee at Dollar General humiliated her after her daughter had an accident inside the store.

According to WDAF, Samantha Sargent was with her two-year-old daughter, Railyn, at the store in Holt, Missouri, when, “She had an accident, and I went to buy her some new underwear and basically changed her, cleaned her up, like I think any mom would.”

Sargent said Railyn was left wearing a shirt and her new, dry underwear. That’s when she claims the woman behind the counter told her the little girl wasn’t properly dressed for a public place.

Sargent said when she returned to the store to talk to the manager about it, a friend told her the manager posted on Facebook: “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”

The mom took her complaint to corporate. Dollar General released the following statement to WDAF: “Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.”


  • Shirley Crawford

    I see both sides. Mom had to do what ever it took to get her little girl cleaned up. The clerk was no doubt thinking about all the WEIRDO freaks that gets off on kids and what they are wearing. At least I hope that was what her concern was on this incident.

    • Renee Vlna

      I don’t care how a person is dressed. It doesn’t give anyone the right to humiliate another human being. This case is the reason why. If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything. Unless a person was truly indecent or causing a health hazard (no shoe), then keep the mouth shut. It’s so hard to potty train a child to begin with in most cases. Children understand more than you think they do. The person should be suspended without pay and made to take human decency classes.

  • Toni Geib

    Good for that mom! I’m in my 30’s and I still have accidents LOL! ;) Don’t worry that ghetto owned store will go out of business eventually… most of them in Ohio shut down and filed chapter 11. :-P

    • Pam Allan

      Get your facts straight Dollar General Stores are not shutting down in ohio they have opened 4 new ones in the last year in TUSCARAWAS county OHIO!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I hate dollar general they are rude and disrespectful after situtaions i had with them i stopped shopping with them. i like walmart better than them

  • Lewis

    the manager has a point. its not ok to have a 2 year old walking around in a t-shirt and ‘panties’? in a public store. why not just buy a cheap pair of capri’s or skirt while your at it. this is a typical soccer mom reaction to ‘oh god im going to blame everyone else for my parenting failure.’

  • Toni

    When potty training a child accidents happen…so be prepared. Maybe have a change of clothes in the car for just in case. Or is bring proactive not the thing to do these days?

  • John Klingelhoffer

    This is a little kid .I see nothing wrong with what this mom did she took care of her child like she was suppose to. I don’t think to much of this store for not doing anything about what happened. some people just need to mind their own business.

  • Brandon M

    What’s more embarrassing, a store employee making a comment in the store and on FB without names or a mother trying to make national news because you “had an accident”? Now everyone knows who couldn’t hold it. If mommy wouldn’t be so attention hungry then no one would know Railyn wet her pants..

  • Danielle Winchester

    I use to work for Dollar General in the past in Lorain, OH. I have also worked many many retail jobs. Although I do not have children of my own, Iwould have not emembarrassed this mother or child. Actually I would have thanked her for cleaning her up. What difference would have made if this child was in a bathing suit with a T-shirt over it? All of u saying this mother should be prepared or should have bought a cheep pair of pants… think about this… maybe she she walked and didn’t have a car to keep extra stuff with her; maybe she didn’t have the extra money to buy a pair of pants. And how many times has someone gone up to the store with their children just to make a quick pick up of something that was needed? I have with my nephews and step kids and not taken anything with me, thinking ‘this is just going to take only a min’.
    Think about all of that before u judge this mother. Granted I would have never gone to the media with it if someone did that to me. I would have followed the chain of command.

  • J C

    This story courtesy of the bogus KFC incident. I didn’t see where the employee named or identified the customer so how did the little girl get humiliated by the post? It was a generic post asking a general question. I wonder if this mom was wanting Dollar General to pay for new underwear and potty training classes for her kid?

  • Harter

    Regardless of the circumstances, if the Mother was humiliated, as she claims…who told the news media to make it a national humiliation?

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