‘It was like a river’: Car clean-up at Quay 55 after water main break

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CLEVELAND -- Cleanup is underway after a massive Cleveland water main broke Thursday evening, flooding a luxury apartment building.

Water poured downhill, into the first floor of the Quay 55 Luxury Apartments and damaged cars in the parking lot out front. Residents said it also affected the building’s gym and some first-floor units.

Crews with the Cleveland Water Department worked to replace the broken 12-inch main on North Marginal Road into the afternoon Friday.

“It was just coming down like a river,” said Jeff Kitchen, who lives in the building.

Knee-deep water in the parking lot threatened cars, and management warned residents to move them to higher ground.

“I actually got to it right before it came into my vehicle,” resident Dave Gilmore said. “I was able to drive out but I can't say that for everybody.”


(Mike Sutyak's car in flooded parking lot at Quay 55 on 7/17/14)

About a dozen vehicles were damaged by the water, and tow trucks removed some from the lot.

Mike Sutyak wasn’t able to get to his Acura in time. “It was already submerged to a point where there was no way I could get into it,” Sutyak said.

By Friday morning, it would no longer start.

“There was water still inside it on the floor and into the front and all kinds of silt,” he said. “It's easy to get upset about it, but at the end of the day, you just kind of have to deal with it.”

Apartment residents were left without running water until about 2:30 p.m. Friday as crews replaced the broken line.

“God love these guys who were out here at midnight and working on it through the night,” Kitchen said of the Cleveland Water Department.

Anyone whose car or belongings were damaged is asked to call their insurance company.

They can also file a claim with the City of Cleveland's legal department to cover any repair costs.

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