Dash cam: Officer drags man across highway to save his life

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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio -- Patrolman Matt Beck pulled over a car on the morning of July 10 for speeding along I-480.

He suspected the 54-year-old driver may be drunk, so he called for back-up.

Beck could not imagine what would happen next.

Suddenly, the suspected drunk driver opened his door and walked onto I-480 yelling, "Just kill me."

"Get back in the car," Beck screamed at him, but to no avail.

So, without hesitation, Beck ran onto the freeway himself, then dragged the man back across several lanes to safety.

The suspect was 5'7", and weighed 340 lbs.

"He did a great job," said Det. Sgt. Bob Wagner, "and we're very happy with how he handled the situation."

The suspect's blood alcohol level was nearly four times the legal limit.

He pleaded no contest to a drunk driving charge and to a speeding charge.

Court records did not show on Friday afternoon if he was to receive any jail time, but he did pay $630 in court costs and fines.

He's likely alive to pay those costs just because of Patrolman Beck's bravery.

"He's a hero," Wagner said, "and this guy should thank him."