Police: Video shows man stab passenger in head with pen on RTA bus

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CLEVELAND -- Enrique Negron, 18, of Cleveland took the Number 8 RTA bus last Thursday night.

"Had my headphones in and I noticed him as soon as I got on the bus. When I sat behind him, he just kept looking back," Negron said.

Bus surveillance video shows a man continually addressing Negron while Negron is trying to eat near the back of the bus.

Negron puts down his food, stands up, and, "I was really getting mad. So I was like, I'm just gonna move or whatever. And when I got up and went to grab my food, he came at me with the pen or whatever."

Police said the suspect stabbed Negron at least three times in the head with a pen. He's now facing felonious assault charges.

Negron was treated for injuries at a local hospital and released.

This is the third recent attack on an RTA bus. The RTA released the following statement:

"It is unfortunate these incidents occurred at all, and in a short time frame; but overall, RTA is extremely safe. We carry 200,000 people every single weekday and rarely do violent incidents occur."

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