Lakewood hit-and-run: Suspect’s attorney cites road conditions

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- An accused drunk driver pleaded not guilty to drunk driving and vehicular homicide charges Monday.

William Galvin is accused of running over his neighbor on July 4 after a night of drinking and leaving him in the street to die.

David Nageotte, 36, was hit and killed crossing the street right in front of his house in Lakewood.

Galvin lives right down the street on Cook Avenue.

In court, Galvin's lawyer hinted at what might be part of his defense: a rough road in need of repairs.

"The problem that we have here is we understood the road was in very poor shape and we don't know why it was that, it may have been repaired shortly after this incident took place," the attorney said.

Nageotte worked for the Red Cross.

Galvin was released on bond within hours of the fatal accident.

He's expected back in court later this week.

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