Demolition to clean-up: Here’s what’s next for the Innerbelt Bridge

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CLEVELAND -- In the blink of an eye, the old Innerbelt Bridge came crashing down. ODOT blew it up using explosives on Saturday.

"It was so quick that it was hard to really comprehend. It really went down," recalled Linda Sebald. "You saw the flash and heard the explosion. A friend that was with me had a friend working in Solon that day and he heard the explosion."

She said she thought ODOT did a great job coordinating the event and making sure everyone who came out to watch the demolition was safe.

"Everything was well-planned. The police were out. They had all their construction workers out there. Made everything safe for the public and safe for the people that were doing it," she said.

So what happens now? Well, ODOT still has to take down part of the bridge.
Crews were out on Monday working on that. They were also hauling away some of the scraps left behind.

"I wish we could've been here to witness the explosion, but we couldn't make it that day," said Bob Sulzer.

He and his wife were in the area for lunch and stopped by the site to see the aftermath and also say goodbye to a bridge Bob knows more than he'd like.

"I was in a car accident on the bridge. It was my fault. I wiped out about five cars on this side they blew up. So I'm not too sad to see it go," he said.

Once ODOT gets the site cleared, they'll start construction on the new bridge. That one won't be up and running until probably late 2016.

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