Move over ‘Human Barbie’: There’s a new doll in town!

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(Image from NDN video)

(Valeria Lukyanova/Image from NDN video)

Move over human Barbie! There’s a new Barbie in town.

Valeria Lukyanova has been known as the “Human Barbie,” and says she’s had plastic surgery to help with her appearance. She’s 28 and from Ukraine.

Alina Kovalevskaya is 21 and also from Ukraine, according to a recent interview with Barcroft TV.

But she’s never had plastic surgery and says it’s easy to look like a doll.

She said she adopted the “doll-like look” about 18 months ago. She is more focused on her facial features than having a body like a Barbie, also unlike Valeria.

Alina told Barcroft TV that she was briefly friends with Valeria until they had “misunderstandings.”

For more, watch the video player above.

Below are photos of Alina’s Facebook Page.



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