What Cleveland is doing now to get ready for the 2016 RNC

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CLEVELAND -- The 2016 Republican National Convention is still two years away but city and county officials are already hard at work getting ready for the convention.

"Clevelanders know what we have here. So when people come here that haven’t been here before, they say, 'wow,'" said Matt Carroll,  Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald's chief of staff.

50,000 visitors are expected to visit Cleveland RNC week.

Various infrastructure projects are well underway, according to Carroll.

"The convention hotel is a big deal and we will solidly make deadline on it. The Innerbelt Bridge project will not be a problem for the convention," said Carroll.

Other projects in the planning stages are improvements to Public Square and other downtown areas.

"There are particular members of the committee that have done fundraising and worked really hard on that. Our private sector and our public sector have really stepped forward. We could not have been in this position without that kind of support," said Carroll.

The city is confident the projects will get done in time.

"We know there is a time frame on when we have to have these things done and we work from there, just as the county executive did with the hotel. He knew there was a time when you had to have that hotel not only built, but fully furnished and operating," said Mayor Frank Jackson, City of Cleveland.

But while some of these improvements are visible, there are other improvements that will most likely happen, like cell phone network upgrades.

They are called "legacy" projects because the upgrades remain once the RNC packs up and leaves town.

"They will most likely be communication-related items built just for the convention. There will be things that are left that the city will be able to use and enhance their operations going forward," said Carroll.

All part of a package that promises a new and improved Cleveland when it's front and center on a national stage.

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