Mom suffocates baby she ‘didn’t want’ anymore, posts disturbing photos

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QUEENS, New York — A mother told police she suffocated her 11-month-old son because “she had reached her breaking point and “didn’t want him anymore.”

What’s more, according to WPIX, she posted disturbing photos of her son on her Facebook page shortly after he died.

Nicole Kelly, 22, faces murder charges in the death of her son, Kiam Felix Jr. Police say she admitted to wrapping Kiam in a bed sheet. It was so tight he couldn’t breathe or move. She left him on a bed for 30 minutes while she took a shower.

She eventually called his father, and they took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Kelly’s roommate told WPIX that she’d seen the mother with her baby’s “lifeless body” before he was taken to the hospital. He was wearing a white outfit, which included a vest, necktie, pants and socks. That outfit is identical to photos posted on Kelly’s Facebook page.

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