Dozens of police dogs swarm Fox 8 News (in a good way)

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CLEVELAND -- Their jobs range from tracking down bank robbers to visiting children in school.  They are the police dogs in our communities, and they play an important role in our safety.

Wednesday on Fox 8 News in the Morning, we held a Police Dog Parade!

"Our local police departments and officers work so hard to keep our streets safe, we wanted to feature them along with their four-legged friends!  What better way to do that than on LIVE TV with dozens of crime fighters from across northeast Ohio and have some fun, too?!" said Fox 8 News producer Jennifer Charlton.

Nearly three dozen K-9 officers and their handlers participated to demonstrate the animals' power, skill and versatility.

Police dogs may be trained to be passive or aggressive.

Passive dogs sit down to alert their handler they've identified something of interest.

Aggressive dogs scratch at the item.

The type of dog must fit the job to be done.  For example, you would not want to use an aggressive dog to sniff out a bomb.

When you encounter a police dog, you should always ask the handler before approaching or petting it.

Some are very social and will appreciate the attention.  Others want to be left alone.

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