Cleveland’s momentum: The convention is only the beginning

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CLEVELAND -- It happened slowly, and for a long time may have even gone undetected.  Then just this week it became very clear:  We're living in a new Cleveland, and with that comes new opportunities.

What made us take notice?  The city received the recommendation to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

According to David Gilbert, the president and CEO of Positively Cleveland, the event will draw 15,000 media alone and will be the most covered event in the world outside of the Olympics.  Everyone will be watching Cleveland.

“We’re ready as a community.  You had so many different organizations in the city working together to make it happen and I think showing a united front helped the RNC choose Cleveland and a group they want to work with," Gilbert said on Fox 8 News in the Morning Wednesday.

Cleveland was one of eight cities initially under consideration.  It topped Dallas in the final round.

“It was very emotional, this is something a lot of folks have put their heart and soul into on behalf of the community for a long time and we think it really is going to be a game-changer for Cleveland," Gilbert said.

Cleveland leaders will work out a contract with the RNC which must be ratified by the entire committee.

The convention is slated for June or July of 2016.

“Cleveland is a democratic city, but what’s awesome is people realize this is about Cleveland and this is about our showcasing us to the world, not about politics," Gilbert noted.

The convention is one of many things that should give Clevelander's a sense of pride.

“I do think with changing that self-image of Cleveland even more good things are going to happen, and it is about continuing to grow our community,” Gilbert said.

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  • Deborah

    We still need more Hotels near the downtown area! That what has been a major problem here. Can we as a city focus for the RNC get it together? We have the site’s as well as the structure for it. Let’s get it !!

  • Ivan

    We need to rid downtown of the homeless shelters, they are a major blight on the city. The people that stay in them commit most of the downtown crime, urinate in the doorways, and defecate on the sidewalks. They also chase people away with their aggressive panhandling.

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