Great white attacks man; Onlookers warn, record swimmers scrambling to safety

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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (AP) —Authorities say a 7-foot-long great white shark bit a man swimming off of Southern California's Manhattan Beach.

Rick Flores, a Los Angeles County Fire spokesman, said Saturday that the victim was bitten on the upper right side about 9:30 a.m., suffering puncture wounds described as moderate. The 40-year-old victim is in stable condition, according to KTLA.

Flores says a person fishing off the Manhattan Beach Pier hooked the shark and spent over 30 minutes trying to reel it in, which made the shark agitated.

The victim was in a group of long-distance swimmers about 300 yards off the beach, where Flores says the shark bit the man.

KTLA reports that he started screaming loudly, and the other swimmers tried to reach land as onlookers recorded with their cellphone and warned them about the shark.

**Click here to watch a longer version of the attack. Warning: The video contains graphic language**

The fisherman cut the line and a surfer put the injured swimmer on his board, taking him ashore.

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