Browns fans unforgiving after Josh Gordon’s DWI arrest

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland Browns fans are taking the news about Josh Gordon’s arrest extremely hard.

Many tell Fox 8 they are disappointed on several levels — first as fans of Gordon, secondly as fans of the team.

Several Berea Browns Backers spent Saturday afternoon together for a holiday party, but the rest and relaxation was overshadowed by a black cloud.

“He’s an idiot, the kid doesn’t take fame the right way I would have to say,” said Paul Latkovic, who leads the Backers.

“He’s got an opportunity, and he’s throwing it away,” said Gary Spitznagel, a fan.

“I just have to say I’m absolutely disappointed,” added Christian Millar.

Gordon’s DWI charge is described as a let-down by the fans, and some said it even feels personal.

“It’s like what did we do to deserve this, we are out there, we are cheering for you every week. All we ask is just earn the millions that we give you. You are just letting us down,” said Millar.

“I don’t think he does, deserve another chance…no,” said fan, Jessica Murray.

The fans tell Fox 8 they follow the team every step of the way, and are aware that Gordon has been in trouble before.

“They’ve got a spotlight on you, they are waiting for you, and then you do a DWI out of state,” said Latkovic.

The Browns Backers usually spend time at Scoundrels Bar and Grill in Berea during the football season, but Saturday, news of Gordon’s arrest was the only highlight on the TV screen.

“First offense, Ok I understand, second, third, fourth, there’s a problem,” said Bob Berger, who was at Scoundrels Saturday.

Some fans tell Fox 8 they hope Gordon gets help.

“The guy definitely needs help, it’s not like an isolated incident, it’s time after time after time, he had problems in college, problems in the NFL, and we are just losing out here as fans,” Millar said.

Former Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson tweeted about the incident, asking for support for Gordon:

Former Browns tight end Benjamin Watson also tweeted:

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