Watch: Random act of kindness goes viral

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When a woman in South Dakota decided to do something nice for someone she didn’t know, she never expected it to go viral.

But that’s just what happened.

Jason Yoshino and his wife were shopping at a Walmart in Sioux Falls Sunday night when he noticed a woman step in to buy three boxes of diapers for a young mother.

He had his phone in his hand and started recording video of what was happening.

He posted it to his Facebook page and it took off. As of Wednesday morning it’s been liked more thanĀ 16,000 times, shared more than 4300 times and more than 900 people have commented on it.

Katie Kanefke needed diapers for her son Marcus. She asked if the store would price match four boxes but it could only match one. That’s when Carol Flynn stepped in.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was just so surprised,” Kanefke told KSFY in South Dakota. “I was like I don’t even know you.”

“What I did Sunday evening at Walmart, was just something I did. I never expected to have it videotaped. It went viral, which I’m told meant you could go on Facebook and find the article, which I did. It was very surprising to me,” Flynn said.

“If you ever needed a sign that God’s there for you in the hardships and the struggles, this is it. It’s pretty awesome,” Kanefke said.

All Flynn asked for in return is that Kanefke help somebody else down the road.

“I said yeah, it’s ok. It’s alright. I said someday, you’ll do this. And I said paying it forward is kind of a neat thing to do, and I’m sure sometime you’ll pay it forward to somebody else,” Flynn said.

Yoshino wrote in his post, “My wife and I were speechless at this warm hearted and kind act of generosity. There are some amazing people in this world. What a way to end such a beautiful day to witness such an amazing act of kindness. To whomever the older lady that helped this young girl, I hope this finds you. Thank you and God bless you.”

*CNN affiliate KSFY contributed to this story





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