Take Your Dog to Work Day gets crazy at Fox 8 News

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CLEVELAND — When you work with legendary meteorologist and animal advocate Dick Goddard, you get used to seeing random four-foots roaming around the television station.

But on Friday, there were a few more than normal.

That’s because it was National Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Gunner, Bruno and Charlie stole the show on Fox 8 News in the Morning.

Gunner and Bruno belong to Stefani Schaefer and are just two of the family's many pets.

They also have two rescued cats, a bunny named Lola and fish.

"It's like Noah's Arc at my house.  It's never a dull moment.  Something's going on at every moment," Stefani said.

Charlie belongs to Angelica Campos.  He's calm, as long as she's holding him.  If not, he's a barker!

Todd Meany's dog and Stacey Frey's dog couldn't make it to work, but they shared pictures of their furry friends.

And good thing Todd is an animal lover.  His dark suit was covered in hair and slobber by the end of the show!

Watch the videos to see what happens when dogs take over a television station.