Suspect uses ‘lost dog’ story in break-in scheme

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BAY VILLAGE, Ohio -- Police are looking for a man who has an active felony warrant with the city of Bay Village and Westlake.

William Graley is the suspect authorities are looking for when it comes to some recent break-ins. Police explain he tells people he's "looking for his dog" in attempts to see who is home and who is not.

Neighbors in the Ednil Drive area are hoping to hear news of closure soon. Many want the suspect apprehended as soon as possible.

"It is sad. It's not something you see very often around here," said resident Lee Westervelt.

Westervelt spoke to Fox 8 about an incident in May where he claims he saw the suspect lurking around, shortly before his neighbor was approached by him.

"I was standing in the kitchen and he came up, and he walked up the driveway. I thought it was a bit unusual," he said.

"He did try to kick in the garage but was unsuccessful," Westervelt added.

Many in the neighborhood say this incident is a good lesson to pay attention. Lots of precautions are taken on a daily basis, like locking doors and using extra lights, but many neighbors are focusing extra eyes on each other.

"When you see something that's not normal, you pretty much watch out for each other," Westervelt said.

Bay Village police urge people to call police first if the suspect is found. They don't want people to approach or try to apprehend him on their own.

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