City Council, Browns make deal on game-day parking

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CLEVELAND — While parking in one area while attending Browns games this season, know your money won’t be going to the city, but rather, to the Browns.

The city owns the land on the west side of FirstEnergy Stadium, which holds 1,700 parking spots.

As part of the agreement, the Browns will pay the city about $7,000 per game for the spots. The organization can then turn around and sell those spots for whatever they want.

City Councilman Mike Polensek says the Browns do not pay property taxes and virtually no rent, and the public is paying for the new scoreboards.

He says, the city gets nothing in return.

“They fail to recognize the issues in the city, whether it’s recreational, infrastructure, whatever. These are billionaires and they just want to suck every dime they can out of it. I’ve had it, I’m done. I’m finished,” said Polensek.

City Councilman Zack Reed released the following statement:

There is no doubt the legislation in its original form was a sweetheart deal for the Cleveland Browns, simply because it was going to give them (the Browns) the ability to have the original deal that is on the table right now, where they pay $7,000 with the option to do it without legislation the second year. What council did was to say they can have the deal for this year, but if they want the same deal next year, they have to bring the issue back to council. They hope by doing this they can get a better deal for the taxpayers the second year.

If the Browns wanted to charge $30 a spot, they would make $51,000 per game.