Follow the leader: Invention changes game of golf

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AVON, Oh. -- They are calling it a golfer's best friend.

It's a robotic caddy called the Rover that follows you around the golf course and some say it’s improving their game.

"What I like about the Rover, it enables you to play golf the way golf was meant to be played, which is walking and not riding in a cart,” said Neal Van Duyn.

Golfers at the Avon Oaks Country Club are enjoying their new robotic caddies. Instead of using a golf or push cart, the Rover follows you around the course while holding your clubs.

It has a cooler for beverages, plus a GPS that gives you the distance to the cup.

Rover will maintain a 4 to 5 foot distance and if you are walking 18 holes, you are getting, on average, about 5 miles of exercise.

For the Rover to follow you, all you need to do is to wear a transmitter on the back of your belt and switch it on.

"It's got ultra-sonic sensors, which is like the back-up beepers on your car, so what that does, it gives an invisible bumper. So in case you forget that Rover is back there and you take a turn a little too tight, it will automatically shut Rover off."

Not only will you get a little workout from walking the course, but it will take the stress off your body as well.

"It allows me to get some exercise while I'm playing a sport that I love and saves my back and shoulders from having to carry my clubs,” said Shiokri Wahib.

Fox 8's very own Bill Martin took the Rover for a spin for 9 holes.

"This thing is cooler than I expected. I love it. I'd use it again," said Martin.

The Rover costs as much as a golf cart to rent and a portion of the proceeds go the First Tee Charity, which provides positive youth development through the game of golf.