Dead Roosters Found Along Road Could Have Been Bait Birds

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SHARON TOWNSHIP, Ohio-- Humane officers with the Medina County SPCA believe nine roosters found along State Road early Tuesday could have been bait birds for a cockfighting operation.

Officer Mary Jo Johnson said a man was seen pulling into a driveway and leaving two bags with a homeowner's curbside trash.

A plastic garbage bag had five dead roosters in it and a feed bag had another four.

All had their necks broken, according to Johnson, and had other signs that they may have been used for fighting.

"There's a lot of scratching, a lot of bruising and there are penetrating gashes in the neck area, front of the chest some on the wings and a few places on the legs," said Johnson.

The birds also appear to have had a talon on the back of their legs filed to a sharp point and their wings appear to have been clipped.

The fact that all were roosters is also suspicious.

"If you were a normal chicken farmer, hen farmer, you normally would have more hens or chickens than you do roosters. There's a ratio of ten to twenty hens to one rooster so to have a large quantity of roosters is unusual," said Johnson.

Johnson said cockfighting is unusual but not unheard of in Medina County.

"In 2007, we had a large bust of cockfighting here in Medina County. In 2011, we also found somebody that was raising roosters for fighting and found the criminal tools associated with that and I feel enough time has passed that it is going to flare up again," she said.

Investigators are looking for a a silver, late-90s Dodge Caravan.

It may have been driven by a man described as approximately in his early 40s with blonde, reddish hair, medium build between 5'10 and 6' tall weighing about 185 to 200 pounds.

"Animal fighting is a blood sport. It comes with gambling, weapons, drugs. It leads to more crime, but these animals don't choose. They are not born thinking, I'm going to be a prize fighter; they are just the innocent victims in this," said Johnson.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Medina County SPCA.

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