Cashin’ in on Selfies: Make Money on Personal Pics

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Snapping selfies and other pictures with your smartphone can put money in your pockets.

Scoopshot is an app that lets you upload your pictures and make them available for purchase. It was developed by Petri Rahja, who spoke to FOX 8 News via Skype from Finland.

“One guy has sold more than 10,000 images through us and made more than $20,000,” said Rahja.

Scoopshot gives you a chance to snap your way to cold, hard cash and it’s pretty simple, according to Rahja.

If you have a hot news tip or a special shot that caught your eye, you can get those pictures published with Scoopshot media partners around the world. If the picture is taken with the app, Rahja said Scoopshot can guarantee its authenticity which can make it more valuable to a buyer.

“You can see the photo that is of your interest and you can buy it and you can publish it,” said Rahja. “And the thing with our service is, we handle all those rights and all those things for you.”

Scoopshot takes approximately 30% of the sale price if someone buys the photo. But unlike other social media sites where millions upload photos daily, Scoopshot does not own the copyright which belongs to the person who took the picture.

“Once you upload the content, then you can actually determine the price, so it’s you who'll determine the price, how much you want from the photo,” said Rahja.

Like a lot of people, Monique Tabb-Young in Cleveland admits to taking plenty of selfies with family and friends. “If I’m gonna post them, I might as well get paid for them,” she said.

That’s the idea, according to the app developer, who points out that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t pay you for your uploads.

“Well, it goes along with how social media is today, a lot of people are involved in it, so it makes sense that they would be able to make money off it,” said Natasha Howard in Cleveland.

Scoopshot is available for download on iPhone, Android and Windows operating systems. CLICK HERE to download it.

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