Study: ‘Texters’ Most Likely to Spark Road Rage

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Memorial Day weekend is just days away and that means millions of people will be hitting the road for a weekend away.

A new study by Expedia is revealing the types of behaviors that spark road rage.

Topping the list of annoyances are people who text, email or talk on the phone while driving.

The study, conducted by Northstar surveyed more than 1,000 adults to see what sets them off behind the wheel.

Despite the fact that 70% of people ranked distracted driving as the most annoying, 55% of people admitted to using their cellphone at least some of the time while driving, according to the research.

Below are other behaviors likely to spark road road:

  • Tailgating (60%)
  • Multi-taskers who eat, or apply makeup while driving (54%)
  • Drifting or weaving between lanes (43%)
  • Driving well below the speed limit (39%)
  • Swerving or failing to signal before changing lanes (38%)
  • Left-lane hog who occupies the passing lane without moving (32%)
  • Inconsiderate drivers who don’t let others merge (30%)


The study found the rudest drivers were found in large cities. People said New York City drivers were the least courteous.

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