VIDEO: Deputy Struggles with Pill-Popping Suspect

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AKRON, Ohio-- Surveillance video from Summit County Domestic Relations Court shows Siobhan Householder, 35, entering a prisoner holding room where she was going to be booked on an outstanding bench warrant from a child support case.

The video shows a male inmate sitting in the room before she arrives with a deputy watching over him.

"Our deputy was in custody of an inmate waiting to take him into domestic relations court and Siobhan Householder was waiting to go to court as well, when the prosecutor came out and informed everybody that she had a warrant and she would also be taken into custody," said Summit County Sheriff's Office Inspector Bill Holland.

Householder is seen sitting just off camera where she reaches in her purse. The deputy walks over to her and words are exchanged before the deputy grabs her and forces her to the ground.

A prescription pill bottle also falls to the ground near her.

"The deputy became concerned because she was in custody and she was under his care and control at that point; so he instructed her to spit the pills out," said Holland.

In the video, the deputy is seen grabbing Householder by her hair, then trying to force her mouth open while she's is on the ground.

"He was able to get three of the pills out of her mouth but he was not clear at that point how many pills she had ingested," said Holland.

"When someone is taken into custody we don't allow them to bring any pills or medication with them to the jail," he explained, adding, "When they get to the jail they are medically screened and if they are under some sort of doctor's care or have a prescription, the doctors contact them; then they are provided with that prescription."

FOX 8 attempted to reach Householder on Friday for comment but was not able to locate her.

During the struggle, the deputy is seen picking up the pill bottle, looking at the label, then throwing it back to the ground.

"Even if he was holding those pills in his hand, he's probably not going to know what those pills are, what they are being administered for, how many she should be taking. That's not a deputy's job; there's no way for him to know that," said Holland.

Additional deputies responded.

Householder was placed in restraints and charged with resisting and obstruction.

Holland said she was taken to a local hospital for observation, not because of any injuries she might have suffered during the struggle, but to make certain she had not taken too much of the medication.

"The fact of the matter, everything aside, was that the deputy was not sure how many pills she had ingested and was concerned for her safety and that's why he did what he did," said Holland.

Holland said the deputy's supervisors will be reviewing 'use of force' paperwork to determine if anything he did was out of line.

If it is determined his actions were inappropriate, then an internal investigation will follow.