Meeting Set With City, CSX After Alleged Mooning Incident

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PAINESVILLE – A meeting has been scheduled between city leaders and CSX officials to discuss dozens of complaints  lodged over idling trains.

Tony Carson, city manager, said the CSX officials are coming to city hall May 23 to address the concerns. This is the first meeting the two sides have met since March.

Several residents in the Heisley Park Development  in Painesville have asked city officials for help, saying the trains idle near their back yards for hours.

And last week one resident video taped a CSX worker sticking his rear end out the train window and slapping it. Sources say the employee told his bosses he did this as a joke because one of his friends was on another train that was passing by him.

A CSX spokeswoman says they are looking into the matter and find the behavior unacceptable.

Residents are hoping CSX will address the idling issue.

They say they don’t mind the trains going by the homes, but it’s the loud idling and beeping coming from the trains at all hours of the day and night that is causing concern.

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