‘I Love You Dad’: Fox 8 Anchors Get Surprise Phone Calls!

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Fox 8's Kristi Capel, Wayne Dawson and Todd Meany got a little love on-air Friday.

Friday's "Download" topic on Fox 8 News in the Morning was a new study, which says a quarter of all adult children feel awkward saying "I love you" to their fathers.

Todd was the first one to be surprised; his father called into the morning show and they both exchanged "I love yous." Next was Kristi, who was also surprised by her father.

Then it was Wayne's turn. His daughter surprised him by calling in as well to say "I love you," and he was beaming.

*Watch their reactions in the video players*

According to Daily Mail, the study shows only about half of all children verbally greet their fathers, and about 44 percent don't always say "thank you." The ones who don't say "I love you" say it's because they feel uncomfortable.

Experts say their feelings could be because the habit of expressing affection toward parents decreases as children get older. The more children say it, the less uncomfortable say it makes them feel, according to experts.

But it was all smiles on the Fox 8 set Friday.

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