Mow or Go to Jail! Local City Cracks Down on Lawn Care

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CONNEAUT, Ohio- City leaders in Conneaut aren’t messing around when it comes to lawn care.

They want residents to keep up with their yards and if they don’t, they could get in trouble.

"Something should be done to have the lawns kept up with,” said Resident Linda Donely.

She said most people do a good job maintaining their property, but she said there are still some eyesores in the area.

"I've seen a couple bad lawns that people that have, mainly at vacant homes,” she said.

Conneaut already has a law requiring residents to mow their grass, but city council felt it wasn’t tough enough.  So in turn, they decided to make some changes. There are now tougher penalties.

First time offenders will get a minor misdemeanor and have to pay $150. If it happens a second time, they’ll get a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. That carries up to 30 days in jail and includes $250 fine.

"I think that's a little intense, but I think they should be fined. I don't think they need to go to jail,” said Donely.

Martin Conoboy disagrees. He said the new punishments are necessary.

"I think you have to penalize people to make them realize that it is important. If you didn't have consequences people would just push it off,” he said.

The city’s Law Director wasn’t available for an interview, but did issue a statement to FOX 8:

“In general, the City will be recommending a fine as a penalty in all cases, particularly in regard to non-repeat offenders; however, the Conneaut Municipal Court Judge will make the final decision in regard to sentencing.”

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