Neighbor Called Hero After Saving Newborn Baby’s Life

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AKRON-- A man from Akron is being hailed a hero after a neighbor says that man saved his 7-day-old baby when the baby stopped breathing.

"We were sitting around, just watching some television," said Jason Duncan, who lives on Carnegie Avenue in Akron.

Duncan said his next-door neighbors, Bobbi Jo and Dustin Hostler, started pounding on his door.

"I opened it and their baby was purple, blue. You could tell he wasn't breathing. It was scary," said Duncan.

"All I remember is Jason's arms open and taking my baby. He saved him that night," said Dustin Hostler.

The Hostlers said they had just fed Logan and set him down to change his diaper.

That's when Logan spit up and started choking.

"I grabbed a nasal aspirator and suctioned. Then I gave him breath, tipped him back over again, suctioned again, and then he started to breathe a little," said Duncan.

Duncan's wife, Krista, called 911 while Jason kept administering CPR.

"All of sudden Logan started crying. I've never been so happy to hear a baby cry before," said Duncan.

"It had to be the greatest sound I ever heard. Next to hear him crying after he was born," said Hostler.

In this gut-wrenching emergency, the Hostlers ran to the right home.

That's because Duncan works in the radiology department at Akron Children's Hospital and is certified in CPR.

"I trusted him. I’m sitting there, numb. The whole top of his head was purple, blue," said Bobbi Jo Hostler.

The Hostlers immediately took little Logan to the hospital.

Logan was released Saturday and is just fine.

"I’ve been to Iraq. I've been shot at. I’ve saved lives over there. It all just pales in comparison to what I felt here," said Hostler.

"I just treated him as if he was my own kid. He wasn’t going anywhere. I just did what I would want someone to do for mine," said Duncan.

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