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Woman Risks Life to Save Son from Burning Building

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A woman is recovering after saving her 18-month-old son from a burning building by jumping out of a third-story window with him in her arms, according to abc news.

Christina Simoes suffered a broken vertebrae after making the jump with her son Cameron.

A fire broke out in Simoes’ apartment complex in Haverhill Mass. leaving her and Cameron trapped in their apartment.

As the flames and smoke spread, Simoes knew she had to act, so she grabbed her son and jumped out of the window trying to cushion Cameron from the fall.

After landing, the young mother then had to crawl away from the fire and falling debris. She told her son to run after he only suffered minor injuries.

After an extensive surgery it’s still unclear if Christina will ever be able to walk again. Her family members believe they saw her wiggle her toes late Saturday.

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