Teacher Fired After Breaking Up Fight With Broom

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DETROIT, Mi – A teacher is out of a job after video surfaced of her using a broom to break up a fight between two students.

The vicious fight happened inside a Detroit high school last week.

Two students started pounding on each other and when they went to the floor, it looked like one student was going to inflict serious damage to the other.

That’s when teacher, Tiffani Eaton, 31, grabbed a broom and smacked one of the students on the back of the head with the handle. For her actions with the broom, she was fired.

Eaton’s father said she is now at home distraught over the entire situation. She is also reportedly getting a lawyer.

School policy states that Eaton was to call security on a two-way radio in the event of a fight. However, her radio wasn’t working.

Eaton is getting a lot of support from students on social media, and a Go-Fund-Me page has even been created for her.