Notre Dame Cathedral Latin is a Cool School!

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MUNSON TOWNSHIP-Notre Dame Cathedral Latin in Munson Township is the only high school in northeast Ohio sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame and brings a tradition of academic excellence that spans for more than 135 years.

The school prides itself on having a challenging college prep curriculum that is also strong in its caring, catholic faith.

"Theology really motivates our students, our actions to serve others. It's less about what you can take for yourself and what you can go out and gives to others,” Michael Suso, Director of Admissions said.

Sophomore Cara Pannell added, “our mission here at NDCL is to transform the world as Jesus did. So, yes -- faith plays an important role."

The students embrace five core values -- that are not only a way of learning -- but, a way of being. They are justice, respect, integrity, community and excellence. "And, NDCL really gives us everything that we need to excel-- academically and athletically,” junior Colin O’Neill said.

Teachers challenge students to discover their skills and celebrate their talents to lead and serve. Senior Rachel Zbiegen put it into perspective. "And, we are taught to take the blessings that we have been given and apply them outside of our school to those less fortunate that us,” she said.

The mission at NDCL is to transform lives to change the world, one student at a time. “I think NDCL not only offers a great education but, it also makes you a better person,” senior Maggie Wood said.

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**Our own Mark Zinni is a proud 1994 NDCL graduate!**

Mark Zinni Notre Dame Cathedral Latin 1994 graduate

Mark Zinni Notre Dame Cathedral Latin 1994 graduate