Draft Day: Browns Pick Up ‘Johnny Football’, Justin Gilbert

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NEW YORK CITY--The Cleveland Browns selected Johnny Manziel as they traded up to the #22 pick, in the 2014 NFL Draft,Thursday night.

Known as 'Johnny Football,' the Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman trophy winner will be coming to Cleveland.

*Watch PJ Ziegler's one-on-one interview with Manziel in the video above*

Also coming to the Browns: Justin Gilbert. He was selected after the Browns traded the #4 pick to the Buffalo Bills.

Gilbert is a cornerback from Oklahoma State University.

He reacted to playing with Joe Haden: “It’s a dream come true. I became friends with him not too long ago, and he’s a great guy to be around. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him.”

*Watch Gilbert's one-on-one interview with PJ Ziegler in the video below*

Browns General Manager Ray Farmer said Gilbert, as a player, is "(He’s) long. He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s a playmaker. He plays like a Brown. Number one thing we talk about when we talk about corners is they’ve got to cover like Browns. He’s got great arm length. He’s got the speed. He’s got the ball skills. I know some people have questioned his tackling. We cover like Browns, tackling was good, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be great. We understand exactly who he is, what he is. We think he can make plays for us. He’s going to play relentless. He’s going to play at the line of scrimmage and press people. He’s able to do things we need him to do."

Rounds 2 through 7 of the draft will be held Friday and Saturday.


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Kara Sutyak May 8, 20147:07 pm

The countdown is on to the 2014 NFL Draft!

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20147:17 pm
Kara Sutyak May 8, 20147:31 pm
Kara Sutyak May 8, 20147:42 pm

Draft begins in less than 20 minutes.

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20147:50 pm
Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:05 pm

The 2014 NFL Draft is under way

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:16 pm

Telich here. Texans as expected took Clowney.

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:23 pm

Telich here:  Browns exploring chances to move down….likely two spots.Have been hearing Mike Evans alot. If they stay and take Watkins  at 4, no one will complain.  Rams could take a tackle here at #2 to protect their qb Bradford.

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:28 pm

Telich here. How far down might the Browns go to get a corner., or will they just go down 2 to get Mike Evans??.. Bortles taken by Jax

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:30 pm

Telich here.Browns are likely choosing between Mack and Watkins. Can’t go wrong with Mack and of course Sammy Watkins is game changer

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:30 pm

Telich here. Still a chance Browns trade down

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:33 pm

Telich here. Okay Browns fans. Who do you WANT??   Mack or Watkins or trade down

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:34 pm

Telich Here   as expected..Browns trade down to Bills

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:37 pm

Telich here 2015 first rounder and 2015  fourth rounder are what Browns get for trading down with Bills

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:38 pm

Telich here; Still Mike Evans alive.. or folks…Johnny Manziel. Remember it was reported they would not draft Johnny at 4…but later?? hmmmm

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:42 pm

Telich here  chance the team takes a cornerback with #9, however I would not take one that high.  Evans if he is there. Don’t forget Jake Matthews

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:52 pm

Telich here Golfer Jason Dufne, Cleve area guy is upset. He tweeted ‘every year the team trades away picks and we end up with about 6 draft picks. Bri!!lliant

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20148:55 pm

Telich here Bye Bye Mike Evans

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20149:01 pm

Telich Browns moved up one spot here to number 8. (minnesota)

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20149:06 pm

Telich here  Justin Gilbert was projected as a second round pick. This is a reach

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20149:35 pm

A lot of fans showing their disappointment in the Browns’ round one pick. Take a look at social media reaction: https://fox8.com/2014/05/08/social-media-outrage-fans-call-browns-round-1-pick-awful-unreal/

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20149:42 pm

Browns pick Justin Gilbert: “it’s a dream come true” playing opposite Joe Hayden

Kara Sutyak May 8, 20149:42 pm

Browns pick Justin Gilbert: admits surprise at the No. 8 pick. Met with Browns Before NY. “Kind of have it away”

Kara Sutyak May 8, 201410:18 pm

Browns General Manager Ray Farmer on Gilbert as a player: “(He’s) long. He’s fast. He’s explosive. He’s a playmaker. He plays like a Brown.”

Kara Sutyak May 8, 201410:41 pm

Browns now have #22 pick

Kara Sutyak May 8, 201410:44 pm

Cleveland Browns take Johnny Manziel as they trade up to #22 in draft pick