How Far Behind Is the Growing Season?

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IMAG0910The growing season is starting off slower than last year. The soil temperatures have been slow to recover after the very cold winter and early spring.

IMG_20140507_184617Agriculture experts use GROWING DEGREE DAYS as a measure of GROWTH RATE in plants and insects.  I have a more detailed analysis ON MY TECHNICAL WEATHER BLOG. The higher the number, the further along the season. The lower the number, the further behind the growing season. This year’s growing season (through May 7th) is very similar to 2011 but way behind last year. Incidentally, the start of the 2010 and 2012 growing season was the earliest in 140+ years of northern Ohio record keeping. By tracking the average temperature and plugging it into a simple equation HERE on the OHIO AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER website, a measure of whether or not the growing season is ahead/behind can be found.  A list will look something like this:

So plug in the date and your location and see what you find. Do the results match with what you find in your backyard?