Trooper Escorts Family of Geese Across Expressway

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A family of geese caused quite a stir on a Chicago-area expressway Tuesday.

Police blocked a lane of traffic along Interstate 80 to protect a family of seven geese.

The two adults and five goslings were seen waddling along the side of the busy expressway.

Officers provided the family of birds with an “escort” until they were safely out of harm’s way.

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In fact, one family of geese crossed highways and state lines wanting to get to Illinois.

A traffic camera on I-80/94 at Calumet Avenue in Indiana snapped a few photos of the geese walking down the interstate .

At one point, police had to shut the highway completely down because the geese decided they wanted to cross the street.

As for now, the family is getting a police escort as they crossed the border into Illinois

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