Creative Kicks: Students Design Sneakers for National Contest

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WESTLAKE, Ohio -- A team of four artists from Westlake High School designed sneakers for a national contest and a chance at winning $50,000 for their school.

So far, the team has made it to the semi-finals and needs more votes to get to the finals.

"This is Westlake, so we are putting ourselves out there on a national level, and this showcasing what we can do," said Kalahan Patterson, a senior.

Kalahan Patterson is one of the four who customized "Vans" sneakers with their own unique designs.

It's all part of the Vans "Custom Culture Contest"

One team per school gets four pairs of "Vans" to design based on art, music, local flavor and sports.

"My theme, it's a galaxy, and I have little alien people holding paintbrushes and they are creating the galaxy so art is like the center of everything," said Kylie Hulver, a junior.

So far, the Westlake High School art team has made the top 50 out of 2000 schools. All they need now are the votes to make it to the top 5 finals.

"I think it would also show about our community, because the way we would have to get to be a contender for that prize basically from the community voting for our shoes," said Madeline Lee, a junior.

If the Westlake team makes the top five they'll get a trip to New York City, an awards ceremony plus a chance of $50,000, which they'll use toward their art department.

"That would help us because we haven't passed recent levies, and we need like new supplies after building our new school cause we don't have a lot left over," said Kelsea Patterson, a senior.

For more information on the contest, or to place your own vote, click here.

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