Dash Cam Video Released in Bernie Kosar’s Arrest

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SOLON, OH -- Police released dash camera and booking room video Tuesday of the arrest of former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar.

The video shows what Kosar looked and sounded like the night he was arrested by Solon police.

Police stopped Kosar for speeding in a construction zone in September.

The police officer stated in his report that when he went to Kosar's car, he smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. He also said Kosar slurred his speech.

Kosar can be heard talking to the officer in the back of the cruiser asking if he had to wear the handcuffs.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Kosar said.

Kosar was charged with OVI, but on Monday, he plead to a reduced charge of reckless operation.

Kosar's attorney, George Simon, has said his client was not intoxicated the night of the crash and he believes the video proves that point.

He noted that Kosar got out of the car and walked without any help.

"He is a good guy and the facts show that, and the verdict came out right," Simon said.

Kosar told officers that ankle and knee surgeries hindered his ability to take field sobriety tests. He has also said head injuries suffered during his football career affect his speech, which causes him at times to slur words.

Kosar said after his plea that he was relieved the matter is over. He also released a statement saying he does not fault law enforcement for making the original charges and mistaking his concussion related ailments for alcohol-induced impairments.

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