Barberton Residents Concerned About Drinking Water

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BARBERTON, OH -- Barberton residents have been warned about problems with their drinking water.

The city's supply fails to meet federal standards for possible cancer causing by-products.

"Seems like everything today causes cancer or some kind of ailment. So, I'm definitely worried about what's in my water and what touches my skin,” said Barberton resident Jason Miller.

Barberton water customers are concerned about the levels of contaminants that are the by-products of the city's water disinfection process.

"We've exceeded a maximum containment level for disinfection by-products, total Tri-Halomethanes and "HAA's" Haloacetic acids, and we have to notify the public when we exceed those regulated numbers,” said Terry Palmer, manager of the Barberton Water Treatment Plant.

Even though the city's water supply at the Wolf Creek Reservoir may have a low amount of contaminants, Palmer says the water is safe to drink.

"Not to buy bottled water, it's a personal choice, but not to buy bottled water, just continue drinking the water,” said Palmer.

Barberton sent out drinking water notices to residents along with their bills to let them know what's going on with their water and what they should do.

Even though residents were notified about the disinfection by-products in the drinking water, some Barberton residents are worried. The water drinking notice states that over exposure to the contaminants could increase your risk of getting cancer.

"Well, it definitely concerns me and friends that are drinking it and hopefully Barberton will straighten it out,” said resident Sean Dewsenbery.

Barberton officials say the city is working on the problem and they have projects underway to correct the levels of by-products in the drinking water at the Wolf Creek Reservoir.

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