A Mom’s Love: Pony Shields Foal From Flames in Barn Fire

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ALVARADO, Texas — Bella the pony proves that even moms with four legs will do anything for her child.

Bella and her foal, Butterscotch, were in a barn when it caught fire in Alvarado, Texas. When firefighters got there, Bella was shielding the 2-week-old foal from the flames and falling debris, according to KDAF.

Butterscotch had just minor burns, but her mom had burns over more than half her body. The Humane Society of North Texas said they didn’t expect Bella to make it.

But she pulled through, they said, likely because of her will to live for her foal.

Their treatment will be expensive, so the humane society is trying to raise money to pay for their care.



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