Woman’s Dog Shot While Playing in Front Yard

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LEXINGTON, Ohio-- A Richland County woman's two-year-old Boxer was shot in her family's front yard.

Now law enforcement and concerned family members want to know who shot the playful pooch named Sage.

"This is where she got shot, right here and it came out right here on this side right here,” said Daniele Morgan, Sage’s owner.

Over the weekend, Daniele was house-sitting her daughter's home in Lexington, which is near Mansfield, when she noticed that Sage was bleeding from her side.

Morgan thought maybe a big animal attacked Sage while she played on the family's seven-acre property which has invisible fencing.

She took Sage to the vet and was told that it wasn't an animal that attacked her dog but a bullet that went through her; fortunately, no vital organs were hit.

"Straight across where it went in and out and the vet said absolutely not; someone shot her with a 22 caliber gun,” said Morgan.

The way Sage was playing fetch with her owner on Tuesday, you could barely tell she was shot just a few days ago. Morgan said the shooting incident worries her.

"It's shocking. I mean I'm concerned about my dog, but I'm concerned about my grandchildren, too. They are out here every day playing, ya know, and the dogs are out here with them. Somebody would shoot a dog. I mean that could have been a kid that got shot, ya know?” said Morgan.

Linda Celckner lives right across the road from where Sage was shot. She said the incident concerns her, too.

"I thought it was terrible. I don't know what kind of person would do that to a dog,” said Celckner.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department needs your help solving this crime. If you have any information you are asked to give them a call.

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