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Interim GM on Cavs’ Future: ‘We’re All Under Review’

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David Griffin

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Interim Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin on Tuesday wrapped up the team’s season by calling it disappointing not only to himself but to the players.

The year-end wrap-up news conference was delayed so that Griffin and others could talk with team members first.

“Their level of disappointment in the results is significant,” said Griffin, explaining, “I think that to a man they believe that if we could have started a new season tomorrow we could have had a much better run together.”

Griffin acknowledged that the Cavaliers’ fan-base “deserves and demands that we deliver a better product,” assuring that “everything we do is geared toward that.”

Fielding questions alone Griffin did not go into specifics about individuals including Head Coach Mike Brown and the Cavaliers starting Point Guard Kyrie Irving.

Regarding Brown’s future with the team Griffin left the question open for any possibility.

“We’re all under review. Everyone in this organization is under review and in terms of timing and who will be making that call, we are going to get together and collectively talk about our future and our vision of that future and where we need to go and if we are all on the same page. I see no reason why this group cannot be successful and if not we need to make whatever changes need to be made to get us on the same page,” said Griffin.

He did say that he felt Brown and his staff did a “very good job” particularly on defensive field goal percentage and improving offense for the second half of the season.

Still Griffin said in his mind the team, as a collective, has room for improvement.

“We need to be bigger. We need to be much smarter as a team. Our basketball IQ needs to improve. Our shooting needs to improve. I feel strongly that our toughness needs to improve. Those are things that we need to address all within the confines of fit. There is no isolated one-person decision that’s made. They are all interconnected,” said Griffin.

As for his own future with the Cavaliers, Griffin, who was named to replace the fired Chris Grant midway through the season, said he didn’t even know if or when the ‘Interim’ tag might come off of his title.

Griffin has been the subject of rumors regarding other teams interested in him as their general manager.

He called that ‘hypothetical.’

“You are either all the way in or you are all the way out and there’s no in between. You declare a side. I’m all the way in. This is where I want to be. It’s the organization I believe in so that’s how I see it,” said Griffin.

As for Kyrie Irving, Griffin said talks with Irving about a long-term contract in Cleveland are scheduled to take place after July 1.

He also downplayed stories about Irving and Cavaliers Guard Dion Waiters not being able to play together as a possible problem with keeping one or both of them.

“Relative to their relationship, I have no qualms at all telling you they are fine in terms of their fit on the court. I think you have seen flashes of them being very, very good together. I think you have seen they are part of some of our very best lineups,” said Griffin.

“I think Kyrie is a player that’s very much engaged in this organization and he’s engaged in getting better and we will go from there,” he added.

As for what moves the team could make in the off-season, Griffin could not yet say what he expects from players like Luol Deng and Spencer Hawes.

He also could not predict what the team will be looking for in the draft.

But Griffin did say he believes the team is in a position to do great things.

“We have everything we need. We have cap space. We have incredible flexibility. We have incredible draft picks. We have great young talent. We have veteran pieces that can further the cause for a team at any status in their building and what we have is incredible talent here,” said Griffin.

He insisted that the Cavaliers are ready to become “radically successful.”

“There is really nothing that could be done to a basketball team to improve it that we are not capable of doing,” he said, concluding, “It’s as simple of that.”

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