‘Meaning of Easter’: 10K Meals Served to Needy At CLE Church

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Christian spirit of Easter was found in a small church hall on Cleveland’s near west side Sunday.

A traditional Easter meal was served with care and fellowship at St. Augustine Hunger Center. While it was special for the holiday, this is what happens here every day.

Here, the door is open for all and anyone, no matter the need.

“We're feeding the homeless and people who are poor and families who just want to come and enjoy other people,” St. Augustine Executive Director Sister Corita Ambro said.

On just this one day, about 10,000 meals will be served at the church hall, at 16 other area hunger centers and to the home-bound.

Sister Corita said and that’s where you can find the meaning of Easter.

“We want to bring life to other people, people who need life. So to come together for the Feast of the Resurrection and to be served and to be with a family at St. Augustine church brings them hope and brings them love,” she said.

Fawn Satulo said she and her husband were grateful for the meal.

"They feed all the homeless. They are well-known for their generosity. It is a very Christian thing for them to do. This is the place to be on Easter," Satulo said.

St. Augustine operates solely on the private donation of food and the with the help of hundreds of volunteers who serve and deliver meals.

Adam Tarcha, 11, of North Royalton, served meals on Sunday.

"Everybody wants to help and it's nice that everybody is coming together to help these people. They always say thank you and Happy Easter and they are always grateful for all the food that we give them," he said.

Sister Corita said special holiday meals have been served at St. Augustine for the past 36 years. But, she added, “it’s not the number of years that matters. It matters that we do this.”