Charges Against Justice Center Security Guards Dismissed

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(Deb‎ra Black and Rose Kresty on April 9, 2014)

CLEVELAND — Charges were dismissed for two security guards facing dereliction of duty charges.

Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr tossed the charges after saying the prosecution failed to prove the guards were reckless in their duties.

Victor Perez, city prosecutor, had said the guards, Deb‎ra Black and Rose Kresty, were not paying attention when a woman brought a gun inside the Justice Center back in October.

Perez said during opening statements that Black was eating a bag of chips and Kresty was “doing something with her cell phone.”

But defense attorneys disagreed, saying the women were doing their jobs at the time, and Kresty was looking at the security screen.

Attorneys also noted the item brought into the Justice Center was later found to be inoperable.

Defense attorneys say they are pleased with the outcome.

Kresty was suspended and Black was fired.

Black’s attorney says he hopes she will now be able to get her job back.