Woman Ready to Live in Peace with Neighbor ‘Bully’

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SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio-- It's been one long ordeal for Sandra Prugh of South Euclid.

"The whole episode has been very stressful. We left on Thursday. We returned late last night. So, we were gone for the whole episode," said Prugh.

Prugh's neighbor, Edmond Aviv, 62, spent hours Sunday on the corner of Trebisky and Monticello, holding a sign that said he was a bully who picks on children with disabilities.

It was his sentence for harassing the Prughs for 15 years.

"I believe it was very humiliating for him. I hope this doesn't cause further retaliation. I believe it was cruel the way people responded to him," said Prugh.

This comes after Aviv admitted at his sentencing to spitting on Sandra, calling her kids names, throwing dog feces on her son's car windshield, and even blowing kerosene fumes into their home through his dryer vent.

"I was just concerned for our children's safety. We have two disabled children that sleep on the first floor. And my husband and I sleep on the second floor on that side of the house. If there had been an explosion or a fire, we most likely would not have been able to save our children," said Prugh.

Judge Gayle Williams-Byers applauds Sandra's kindness. The judge said despite Aviv hiding behind his sign Sunday, he fulfilled it.

"To the extent that he sat down, wore his cap, and wore his sunglasses, I am still satisfied. The sign was there and so was he," said Williams-Byers.

Aviv must also go to anger management classes and perform community service.

"He has paid his sentence. Hopefully, in the future we can shake hands over the bushes.  He can have peace on his property and we can have peace on ours. I am very willing to live side by side with Mr. Aviv as a friendly neighbor," said Prugh.

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