Taking Brown Out of the Browns? FOX 8 Designs New Unis

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You wouldn’t change the New York Yankees pinstripes or take “Carolina blue” out of North Carolina’s color scheme.

But could the Browns soon be less brown?

A lot of discussion on social media the past few days, after a person posted information on Reddit about a possible new uniform for the Browns.

According to the post, the helmet would have a matte finish “candy orange” color.

The jersey is candy orange, with silver accents and a brown trim.

The Browns have said that they will change the uniforms in 2015, although no official design has been confirmed.

Nike currently makes uniforms for the NFL, and has recently overhauled uniforms for teams like the Seahawks, Vikings, Jaguars, and Buccaneers.

So, this got us thinking.  What would we like to see the Browns uniforms look like?

Our Fox 8 News at 4 team gave their ideas to our graphic designer Christina Soehnlen who then made a mock-up.

Gabe Spiegel is sticking with the traditional brown, but Melissa Mack is changing things up.

Producer Brian Geiger, known for his Olympics stick figure drawings, also shared his vision.

Check out the sample uniforms above and tell us which is your favorite!

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