White House Considers Banning Selfies

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(CNN) — Samsung’s reported selfie marketing stunt last week got the company into a bit of trouble with the White House.

Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday the White House may even ban selfies with the president.

He said that the White House counsel’s office has also had “conversations” with Samsung, after Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz took a picture of himself and President Barack Obama during a visit to the White House by the 2013 World Series winners.

Ortiz, who has an endorsement deal with the company, tweeted out the picture and Samsung retweeted the post to its 5.2 million followers.

Pfeffer said Obama knew nothing about Ortiz’s connection to the company.

“In general, whenever someone tries to use the president’s likeness to promote a product, that’s a problem,” Pfeiffer said.

Ortiz said the selfie wasn’t a premeditated marketing ploy, and the company said in a statement to the Boston Globe on that it was “thrilled to see the special, historic moment David Ortiz captured with his Galaxy Note 3.”

“When we heard about the visit to the White House, we worked with David and the team on how to share images with fans. We didn’t know if or what he would be able to capture using his Note 3 device.”

The seemingly unscripted moment turned promotional opportunity isn’t the first time Samsung has used celebrity selfies to market its products.

Last month, Ellen DeGeneres made Twitter history at the Academy Awards with her celebrity-packed group selfie — generating a record 2.7 million retweets with the picture she took using a Samsung phone.

Pfeiffer jokingly mused that this could “be the end of all selfies,” though that remains doubtful.


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