Download: MLB Player’s Paternity Leave Backlash

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A New York Mets baseball player is getting some backlash for taking some time off after the birth of his first child.

Daniel Murphy’s wife went into labor on Opening Day, so he went to Florida to be with her, and he’s now he’s taking three days of paternity leave.

But he’s getting called out by Mike Francesa, a popular new york city radio host.

Yahoo! Sports quoted Francesa as saying, “One day, I understand.  Go see the baby being born, and come back.  You’re a Major League baseball player.  You can hire a nurse to take care of the baby, if your wife needs help.”

Murphy played all but one game for the Mets last year, which is more than any other player.

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  • sara

    he did the right thing. I am a mother of four my husband was there for each of our kids births. he even took,time off except for our third child he was there when she was born but had to go to work shortly after cuz we,had just moved to a new town and he started work the,same day good thing she came before he had to,go to work. he is a good father leave the man alone. its,his first child and he has every right to be there and help,in any way he can. us mothers do u need help after the baby is born wat if the mother had complications or something u dont kniw wat can happen during child birth. and as far as the other person critisizing him and mad the comment that u would make get a c-section a week before opening day lets just say if that was me ur butt we be gone u would never c me or ur child again. u cant make somebody do something just so it fits inlur schedule,ur being selfish. ur family should always come first before any job unless u just start that same day than thats understandable.

  • Brenda Dotson

    Hope that radio guy don’t have any kids! He totally did the right thing! Too many Dads not involved (and Moms too!).

  • cheryl kumher

    good for him!!!! its not about taking care of her..its about bonding!!! it is the beginning of the season. It is more important to be there for the beginning of his baby’s life!!!

  • rails1953

    There is nothing wrong with the guy taking paternity leave to be with the wife and child. What I think is wrong is he should not be paid by the Mets for his time off. It was his choice to take off even though he signed a contract. A regular person can take paternity leave from work but does not have to get paid, well neither should he. Today’s professional athletes want everything and do not want to give up anything. Bottom line, take the time off but with no pay. the Mets didn’t get any service from him thus no pay for him.

  • John Partridge (@PastorPartridge)

    How many baseball games will he play in his career? How many times will he be able to see his son being born? Exactly. Never miss the moments you can’t get back. I lost a job once because I refused overtime so that i could spend time with my kids when they were small. Never regretted it for a minute.

  • Onehardtohandle2

    Yes he should be able to take a few days off for his family! So what he a baseball player he is a husband,father also! There will be more games but only one birth and having bonding time is just important! Have some compassion! God his happy with him!

  • Isaiah Phillips

    The wife would have felt some way if he was doing something
    else i.e unimportant! !! This was his work and he took off?!? Is he just that
    good that he can do this? And what does the team and the coach say??! I’m not shaking my head. But as the old saying goes. One for all and all for one.

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