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Principal Cited for Marijuana Resigns

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(Courtesy: MGN Online)

ZOARVILLE, Ohio — The Board of Education on Thursday accepted the resignation of Tuscarawas Valley Middle School principal Scott Young after he was cited for possession of a controlled substance.

District superintendent Mark Murphy confirmed the citation was issued when Young, 49, was driving home from a school event.

Young was pulled over for a stop sign violation on Feb. 6 at 7:20 p.m. in Sandy Township, Tuscarawas County.  He had been driving CR 106 near SR 800.

When a trooper approached the vehicle, an odor of marijuana was detected and a small bag of the substance was found in Young’s jacket, the New Philadelphia Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

During the stop, Young identified himself as the principal of the middle school.

In addition to the possession of a controlled substance citation, he was also cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Young’s resignation goes into effect July 31.  At the time of this report he was on unpaid leave.

Fox 8 News is awaiting a statement from the Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools.




  • jason

    Oh no the pot police got another one. Glad to see that the War on Drugs is really keeping people in check

  • LegalizeAndDiscover

    When is everyone gonna realize that cannabis is a harmless plant with hundreds of beneficial uses??? There’s numerous uses for the hemp fibers themselves even. There are plenty of successful, everyday people that I myself know who use marijuana regulary. Business owners, executives, teachers, law enforcement, even the President admits to getting high. Get real people. Vote yes on November 8th for medicinal & recreational marijuana in Ohio.

  • Laurie Green

    I am a parent from the TV district and Mr. Young was my son’s principal. He was a wonderful man that cared very deeply for the students at the middle school. My son was having a very challenging year and Mr. Young was a true mentor to him. I wish he had not resigned, I myself would have fought for him to stay. Our middle school has many issues and he was always there on the side of the students! We even considered leaving the district but stayed because of the dedication this man. We are at a pass now, I do not know how they will find a replacement for him. Our hearts are broken. We love and support you Mr. Young!

  • Bruce Cameron

    If I was at a school event I would need something to relax my nerves immediately afterward myself… Give him a break, at least it wasn’t on the way (TO) the event.

    • Johnny Crombach

      A controlled substance is manufactured with other chemicals and formed into a pill form and substance is controlled of how much of one chemical they add into it .Marijuana does NOT fall in that category do your research

  • stevie wonders

    I agree with ^^^^ Johnny. It is not a controlled substance. People are trying every EXCUSE to get it and use it for “medicinal” purposes. Grow up people who defend this, it’s DOPE!!! It impairs you fools!!!!

    —-LegalizeAndDiscover—- “getting high” you said it yourself!!

  • Jackie

    Wow. Mr young is a great guy! And was always my favorite teacher/ principal!! He was a great math teacher and a great principal who cares if he smokes marijuana ? He is a great guy with a family and he is just like the rest of us. He would never harm anyone when are people going to realize smoking marijuana is not a sin!? Drinking and driving is what kills people not smoking a little bit it is 2014 people come on! I love mr young and he was nothing but a great guy and awesome principal when I had him at mapleton!!!

  • Cindy

    Mr. Young was such a great and wonderful teacher at Mapleton and such a good principal and was a good football coach who slowly helped our team each and every year. He is still that same person and I know myself as well as others will stand behind him from the Mapleton community. Just because he had one little mistake one time doesn’t make him a horrible person. Keep your head up Mr. Young and stay strong, you can get through this. People just need leave him alone.

  • Ryan

    Mr. Young is a great man. He was the best Principal Mapleton ever had and everyone in the community was sad to see him go. He helped me through the loss of my father and served as a mentor for countless other students. Sad to see this happen, I and many other people are thinking of him and praying for him and his family.

  • Cathy K

    Mr Young is a great man. He helped my daughter through many trying times this year. My thoughts and prayers are with him. And, I do stand by his side and support him.

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