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Community Cleans Up: Ice Jam Leaves Behind Muddy Mess

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- All is quiet along the Rocky River, but that wasn’t the case last month.

You might remember hearing about the ice jam there. It finally broke free, but it left behind a muddy mess.

“We`re trying to work together to get it all cleaned up,” said Dan Wentworth.

He lives over on South Island Drive in Rocky River. He said they haven’t been able to clean up until this week. That’s because the weather is finally warming up, and the ice is gone.

“There were big chunks of ice. The ice was about 16-18 inches thick. It really just went away a couple days ago,” he said.

The ice chunks were so massive, they knocked over a giant boat. It’s now leaning to one side.

Tom Todia said the owner is worried about it filling up with water.

"This is his baby, he built that boat. He`s really concerned about it and he`s getting older, so we`re trying to help him with it,” he said.

He and some other neighbors ended up tying a rope from the boat to a tree to keep it propped up. He said it’s just a temporary fix until they can bring a barge in to move the boat to deeper water.

“It may not seem like the best of plans, but it was all we could really do at the time,” he said.

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