Chesterland Post Office Hit by Car, Again

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CHESTERLAND, Ohio — The post office on Chillicothe Road in Chesterland was hit by a car that caused severe damage Friday.

According to U.S. Post Office officials, it happened on the north side of the post office around 12:30 p.m.

An elderly woman was the driver, according to officials, and partially went through the wall. Debris from the wall and bricks were pushed inside the post office.

The driver was the only one injured, after hitting her head on the steering wheel. She was taken to a local hospital.

It was the fifth time in the last 18 months that a vehicle hit the building.


  • Kevin B.

    I doubt it would of prevented this accident but, this shows that older drivers should be tested regularly and have their driving privileges revoked when they become a danger to others. Doctors should also be able to issue this because they are acutely aware of their patients health, mental and physical state. My 2ยข on the matter.

    • American Horse

      You aren’t kidding. How many stories do we need to hear about some blue hair confusing the brake with the gas. Anyone over 70 should have to take a road test every year. Old people are a menace to the motoring public. Park the Buicks and take a bus!

  • kathie

    I am actually much more afraid of too young, inexperienced, show-off drivers, deafened by raucously loud music which makes them oblivious to everything around them than I am of old drivers…. been hit twice by these kids, texting or whatever. There should be testing after the age of 70 and drivers’ permits issued at age 18, no younger.,,, when their mental state is a little more mature.

  • Cuter

    Not to mention the Post Office is built on an Indian Burial ground and haunted. Some times you can hear voices when you go to mail a letter. A few years back people even searched around the area and found arrows from a bow and arrow, spears, and even beaded jewelry. Some of the earliest settlers to Chesterland have passed on from generation to generation that they even used to have death ceremonies there to honor their dead. I don’t know about you, but not only could it be that old people are too blind to see, but the post office is haunted! This is a sign people! The Indians are coming to attack and Chesterland is where they are starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good day.

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